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At Nectar5, we use proprietary recruiting techniques to grow and sustain a network of local residents peculiar to any environment. If our field agents (mobile workforce) are already in place where your study is situated, your data acquisition campaign will commence in as little as 24-48 hours. For regions where our field agents (mobile workforce) are not available, recruitment and training of a new network is achieved in 2-3 weeks almost anywhere in the world.


Our Support team build campaigns, surveys and tasks and localization where required. Our data science team is experienced in setting up campaigns, surveys and data collection to minimize bias and error.


We work with customers to launch tasks into the marketplace based on desired campaign objectives using demographic and geographic targeting techniques.


Survey findings are processed with a combination of manual and automatic quality control and fraud detection processes to verify that findings meet specified requirements and mitigate attempts to ‘game the system’. Field Agents are paid for their findings based on task complexity, degree of difficulty, duration or other valuation.


Data is presented in charts, graphs, and maps for clear, rapid presentation available for immediate sharing. Data sets are also available for download or may be accessed through an API depending on the arrangement with our highly esteemed clients.


We are constantly learning from the campaigns we have run and use the knowledge gained in each unique collection task to continuously improve our data collection and quality control processes and to introduce new features into the Portal and Mobile App.

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Do you wish to Join our Mobile Workforce (Field Agents)?

We recruit data contributors depending on the data collection location. At Nectar5, we use proprietary recruiting techniques to grow and sustain a network of local residents peculiar to any environment. You will also find on our sign up page that we require the complete details on every contributor for the purpose of data security. Below are the steps in joining our mobile workforce:

1. Sign up to Complete the Field Agent profile.

2. Our Support Team will send your login credentials upon completion of your registration and verification of the validity of information provided.

3. You are required to download the Mobile APP.

4. Login in using your “Login details”.

5. Check your dashboard to participate in data collection.

6. Review Instructions, Perform Tasks and Submit data collected

7. Submit data collected

8. Receive Payment

To Register as a field Agent



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