Nectar5 is a product of DreamWorks Systems Solution Limited, a data technology unit that leverages on real time data to track and simplify macro-economic and human development trends in Nigeria and other African countries. Nectar5 leverages on real time data using a mobile apps and other web tools to build a new approach to collecting human, business and economic data while we analyse such data afterwards to provide insights, which can be used by multinationals, companies, financial services firms in Nigeria and across Africa. It has three main platforms

  1. Mobile data collection
  2. Data visualization
  3. Data analytics

Nectar5 is used in a variety of industries. It can be used to conduct surveys, collect data, track personnel, send emergency alerts, track customer satisfaction, and manage supply chain management. It also be an economic monitoring platform (for tracking inflation, purchasing power, population census, buying habits and sustainable development goals data) and would allow customers to track businesses and economic conditions in real-time across thousands of online and offline locations in Nigeria and Africa. It is used to monitor the prices, quality, availability, and other metrics of goods and services, from online and on-the-ground sources.

Nectar5 is an online application even though the mobile app can be used offline for data capture. Organizations that require surveys or data capture should contact support team by phone, mail or via our platform (go to support). We also engage field agents for the data capture and they get paid per survey. To be a field agent and get paid, sign up or click on “get paid” on our home page.

Yes. Data can still be collected using Nectar5 mobile if an internet connection is not present, and when the connection is re-established the data that was collected can be uploaded/synchronized to the server.

Nectar5 offers three major services i.e. data collection, data visualization and data analytics. You will need to contact our support team via phone and/or mail for proper needs assessment and requirements gathering of your project. All projects include free support and no set up fee.

With most technology implementations, the most expensive component is the personnel. With Nectar5, the support team handles the entire data collection setup as well as attend to any other aspects without our clients having to spend money on programmers or technology consultants. This saves an enormous amount of money. Based on research, and a World Bank study concluded that switching from paper-based data collection to Mobile data collection has reduced costs by 71%.

We have an excellent and experienced customer support team for all users. Support by email is free for all users. Online or on-the-ground training is also available. Just go to support on the homepage navigation bar or email support@nectar5.com.