It is a data technology unit that leverages on real time data to track and simplify Macro-economic and human Development trends in Nigeria and...

Nectar5 is a product of DreamWorks Systems Solution Limited, a data technology unit that leverages on real time data to track and simplify macro-economic and human development trends in Nigeria and other African countries. Nectar5 leverages on real time data using mobile apps and other tools to build a new approach to collecting all kinds of data while we analyse such data afterwards to provide insights for decision making, which can be used by multinationals, companies, financial services firms in Nigeria and across Africa and government at all levels.
FIt is also an economic monitoring platform (for tracking inflation, purchasing power, population census, buying habits and sustainable development goals data) and would allow customers to track businesses and economic conditions in real-time across thousands of online and offline locations in Nigeria and across Africa. Nectar5 will be used to monitor the prices, quality, availability, and other metrics of goods and services, from online and on-the-ground sources. With Nectar5, any data that can be captured by a mobile phone is game.
Interestingly, Nectar5 has taken into cognisance using its technology tools to also capture the interests in local areas in the country. Villages and communities will be part of our data capture for proper reach and total coverage. Anyone from fund managers to relief agencies to FMCG companies to development partners can track the true value of currency in their country, spot potential problems arising from food shortages or otherwise, measure how one company is doing better than the others in terms of price or presence or even solution to real time data collection as well as having a safe database source for all quantitative data collected.
Nectar5 also provides support to Datum for Development (Datum4D), a data technology social enterprise initiative of DreamWorks Systems Solution Limited that leverages on technology-enabled measures to help capture and simplify real time data by focusing on critical sectors of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Nigeria using mobile apps, social media tools and web applications. It helps capture, store, simplify and interpret data generated from critical sectors of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Nigeria and other development initiatives as achieved in different part of the nation